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Here’s how baseball survived the season.


I think we all love to question managerial decision making.


Joe Posnanski reviews one of my new favorite commercials.


Joe also has his opinion on Jeter’s bunt attempt in Game Two.  My thought?  A completely asinine play.


Rob Neyer has a vote for the Fielding Bible Awards.  These awards aren’t nearly as known as the Gold Glove, nor are winning these awards noted in anyone’s contract provisions (at least as far as I know).  I like them, though because of what Rob brings up in his post, though they do have some limitations.  First off, there is only a ten-man panel, which is even less than who votes for the Gold Gloves.  Fortunately, these guys have more time and data at their disposal than the managers do, which gives does give them better results (Palmiero with 19 games at first, anyone?).


The week in quotes, from Football Outsiders.


Gene Collier hates useless, trivial stats.  Being the site’s stat geek, I have this to say in their defense:  If it keeps Tim McCarver’s mouth shut for more than .8 seconds, I’m all for it.  Have Joe Buck call out the first 100 players alphabetically to play in the World Series if it keeps McCarver’s mike on mute for 10 minutes.


Sorry, Ann Killion, but you’re only half right about why Tom Cable should be gone.  You’re missing one of the most obvious reasons why, like the fact that he’s a bad coach.  I’m not trying to make light of a scary situation; too many of these guys take their job home with them, and a vast majority of them never realize that they don’t need that intensity and fire in every aspect of their lives.  But it drives me crazy when people want to look at every outside thing to get rid of someone instead of looking at the obvious reasons tied directly to their jobs.


Don Banks writes about the debacle that is the Cleveland Browns.


Peter King gives us Randy Lerner’s side of the story.


If I could spend a day with any professional sports owner, it would be Mark Cuban.  Yes, Roman Abramovich is richer, but I would run the risk of getting shot by a rival.  Besides, I have this hunch that I would learn more in one day from Cuban that I would in a month with any other owner in sports.


Would you really want to win this contest?


This is discouraging for Mangini haters.


Jack Bechta has his thoughts on the debacle in Berea.


Mike Lombardi has his thoughts, too.


Lombardi has some thoughts from others, too.


Art Spander has some negative thoughts on Urban Meyer and his disciplinary actions


Quiz time!  I nailed all 10 of them.


Here’s another quiz!  I nailed all of them in 2:26, though, spelling matters, so I should have been quicker, and here’s a freebie, since I couldn’t get his name right:  Brosius.


This is just plain funny.


Is there any good to say about Donald Sterling.


These seldom turn out good.


This sounds about right.


Time has an interesting piece on Manny Pacquiao.


Say what you want, but Straz is right:  He does have a cool website.


The Sports Guy gives us his memories of his book signing.  This is another book I highly recommend, and I’m not even close to finished with all 700 pages yet.


And finally, David Schoenfield has 27 tidbits about the World Series.


Dan Boyce is the Sports Editor for  Along with his “Lord of the Stats” blog, Dan does frequent front page columns and his podcast, “The Boyce of the People”.  Anyone with any thoughts or comments can reach Dan here.


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