Weekend Thoughts

By Dan Boyce


Some thoughts while seeing if the Browns can build off of the momentum of this week’s non-loss. . .


Let’s start with this:  If you turn the ball over nine times in two games, you’re probably not going to be 2-0 in those games.  Just ask Iowa.


While it was the right thing to do by the University of New Mexico to suspend Elizabeth Lambert indefinitely, two major questions remain.  Why hasn’t the NCAA or the Mountain West Conference levied any suspensions?  Also, why was she only issued a yellow card for her antics throughout the match?


Personally, I feel that there are too many teams in the high school football playoffs.  Do you realize that the state finalists will have played 15 games, one less than the Browns will play?  How is this good for the student athletes?


Credit to my friend Jay Kron, who said on “The Boyce of the People” that Euclid was going to make it a tough game for Solon.  Well done, Jay.


It was a very good weekend for my alma mater, as Lake Catholic’s boys’ soccer team and girls’ volleyball team qualified for the state tournament to go along with the football team’s first round victory over Ravenna.


Checking everything out, I want to take a few moments to congratulate all of the high school athletes competing out there in the regional and state tournaments.  We tend to get caught up in football and basketball while forgetting that there are student athletes in many different sports:  cross country, volleyball, soccer, tennis, etc.  These kids deserve just as much credit for the time and effort they put into their competitions as the ones who play in the bigger sports.  Well done, all of you.  You make a lot of friends and family proud.


Quick look at the numbers in Ohio State’s upset at Happy Valley:


241.6 – Terrell Pryor’s efficiency rating in the second half.  Compare that to the 64.1 in the first.


2.53 – Penn State’s yards per rushing attempt.  The Buckeye defense has been one of the elite one’s since their Week One scare vs. Navy.


3.47 – Penn State’s total yards per play on Saturday.  Again, the defense is the biggest reason Ohio State will be playing for another Big Ten title this week.


3 – Number of drives Ohio State started in Penn State territory, compared to 0 for the Nittany Lions.  Special teams and defense were bigger on Saturday than anything Terrell Pryor did.


Considering Cincinnati decided not to play defense against UConn, Boise State struggling against Terry Bradshaw’s alma mater, and Oregon taking UC’s approach against Stanford, I don’t think those the Broncos or Bearcats will have too much to say about the BCS Title game.  By the way, remember that the NCAA does not acknowledge a sanctioned National Champion in FBS/Division I-A college football, so the BCS Title game is really just their own game.


How nice was it to watch good football for a change instead of watching the anemic Browns?  I thoroughly enjoyed it.


The Bengals have established themselves as a legitimate playoff contender.  Being 4-0 within the division certainly helps, and they are just one fluke play away from being 7-1.


Am I the only one who is happy when I watch teams play ultra conservative and then lose when a team comes back?  Tom Coughlin, you deserve to lose that game.  You had the Chargers by the throats, and you played for the field goal.  You gutless wuss!  At least try to get the touchdown.  Instead, you curled up with your safety blanket and then allowed the Chargers to march down the field through a prevent defense, and now you’ve gone from undefeated and being in the conversation of Super Bowl contender to being 5-4 and questionable for even making the playoffs.  Nice job, Tom!  This Bud’s for you!


Indy remains unbeaten despite injuries at what seems like every position.  New Orleans remained unbeaten despite falling behind early again.  Both teams are vulnerable and I highly doubt that either one will run the table.   That being said, I want that to happen, just to see two 18-0 teams playing in the Super Bowl, just to watch the remaining 1972 Dolphins choke down that last glass of champaign.  Arrogant pricks.


Finally, the biggest game of the day actually took place across the pond, where Chelsea defeated Manchester United 1-0 to take a five point lead in the Premier League standings.  They will get another match on April 10, and possibly another meeting in the Champions league, but for now, Chelsea has taken control of the Premier League.


Dan Boyce is the Sports Editor for TheSportsHole.com.  Along with his “Lord of the Stats” blog, Dan does frequent front page columns and his podcast, “The Boyce of the People”.  Anyone with any thoughts or comments can reach Dan here.


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