Rivalry Links

A few links to start the week while preparing for the game. . .


In honor of the best rivalry in sports, this link gives you as much detail as you can ask for about Ohio State/Michigan.  This site is an excellent collection of past games, photos, trivia and other great facts and figures.


Jeremy Greenhouse warns us to be careful when referring to WAR.  This is why I try to use multiple stats in my arguments:  Not just one stat can tell the whole story.


You just have to read these to appreciate them.


Quiz time!  I got 14 of them before time ran out.


Rick Reilly ponders the meaning of athlete tattoos.


Mark Titus had a perfect game!  I’m not talking baseball here, either.


I love the concept of fantasy pro wrestling.  The fact that the WWE is setting this idea up is just fantastic.


I’m always fascinated when people get upset about a coach taking a risk.  After looking over everything, I agree with Belichek’s decision to go for it on forth down.


I have found out that we are up to six soccer fans!  Enjoy!  Pretty soon, we’ll be able to field a whole team!


And finally, we’re almost done going left for a few months.


Dan Boyce is the Sports Editor for TheSportsHole.com.  Along with his “Lord of the Stats” blog, Dan does frequent front page columns and his podcast, “The Boyce of the People”.  Anyone with any thoughts or comments can reach Dan here.


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