Monday Night Thoughts

Some random quotes from the Monday Night debacle:


“The bye week helped!  Instead of three and out they got four plays before they punted!”


“The Browns are winning the time out battle 3-1!”


“At least they’re not trailing 14-0” (this was at the end of the first quarter)


“Glad to see they don’t try a forward pass until third down.”


“Cock block for the Blue Jackets!” (This had nothing to do with the game.  We were also watching the hockey game where the Blue Jackets won in a shootout, partly because of a save through the five-hole by the goalie.  That and I got to tell you that someone said cock block.)


“Nice sweater!  Jaws looks like he’s preparing for an Andy Williams Christmas special.”


“Every quarterback should have to wear a skirt!  And give Tom Brady the shortest one since nothing will be hanging out any way!  Damn ‘Brady Rules’!”


“I really think if they shot Brandon McDonald on the field, even his mother would say she didn’t see anything.”


“Somebody make a play!” (Jon Gruden.  I usually don’t listen to him, but he’s dead on here.)


“The sad thing is that I honestly believe Matt Millen would do a better job here.”


“Browns suck ass!”


“The offense in Cleveland is just putrid…there is no WR running routes longer than 10 yards. I was stunned by the team demeanor: the game was tied but in the sidelines they were lifeless, and even more after falling down in the score. The defense seems to put some effort, but there is nothing else beside of Cribbs (our prayers to him). In only nine games Mangini has the fanbase longing for Romeo Crennel days…” (This was from the commentary on The National Football Post.  I’m going out on a limb and saying that the team has given up on Mangini.)


Some stats from said debacle:


23.5 – Brady Quinn’s QB rating for the game.  Very DA-esque.


51.0 – Quinn’s QB rating for the season.  The sad thing is that he’s still the better of the two.  Not that we’re comparing Joe Montana and Steve Young here.


8.67 – The Browns’ points per game; dead last in the NFL.


2.62 – The Browns’ yards per play Monday night.  Four plays barely got them a first down.


4 – The number of games in which the Browns have failed to reach 100 yards passing.  Think about that.


39.6 – Ray Rice’s QB rating.  He was 0-1.


69 – Total passing yards if you take away Massaquoi’s one reception.  If you’re not vomitting, think about this one. . .


69,032 – The total paid attendance for last night’s game.  Do you really think Randy cares that much?


The fact of the matter is that as long as the tickets are sold, not much will change outside of the cosmetics.  And remember Browns fans, you got your colors, you got your tradition, you got your team name.  Be careful what you wish for. . .


Dan Boyce is the Sports Editor for  Along with his “Lord of the Stats” blog, Dan does frequent front page columns and his podcast, “The Boyce of the People”.  Anyone with any thoughts or comments can reach Dan here.


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